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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog grief all worked out!

I've been having some problems getting used to the blogging thing and the blogger way of doing it.  I had originally posted photos of the boxes of all the retired carts on a separate page.  Then I went and got the bright idea of posting sample images of the cartridges as well.  Well, that just led to a nightmare, as images were going all crazy and sizing was happening without my permission and images were just shuffling all over the place!  I was getting super frustrated and nearly pulled my hair out, lol.  Well, all is right in the universe again, as I spent the day restructuring that page.  All retired cartridge images are now available to look at here:


Or you can just click on the "Retired" header at the top of this page :)

There have been 30 cartridges retired to date, and they are currently in alphabetical order.  I'll be keeping that page up to date and add the cartridges as they are announced.

Happy buggin'!

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