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Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet My Bug Family!

the Bugger Family
I thought it might be time to introduce my bug family.  These 6 machines are the backbone of my scrapbook and paper craft obsession.  Each is different and unique in their own right:

Big Bugger and Mother Bugger are Expressions:
Cricut® Expression
I personally, use the Big Bugger exclusively for paper products, with a regular blade, and the Mother Bugger is used for projects requiring the deep blade and housing, such as magnets, vinyl, and chipboard.  It just makes it easier for me, not having to change the housings each time.

Cricut® Expression
The Cricut® Expression™ is a much larger unit than the Cricut® Create™ or the Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter®, meant to stay on a work table or in a media room. The good thing is that all Cricut® models use the same cartridges and the same blade housings and blades.

The Cricut® Expression™ is a way to cut letters, shapes, and phrases in impressive sizes using the 12" x 24" mat or the 12" x 12" mat. The possibilities are endless with this larger machine, allowing you to create bigger die cuts for classroom decor, scrapbook layouts, signage, and so much more.
  • Mix and match creative features in the same cut
  • Use the entire library of existing Cricut cartridges
  • Cut in portrait or landscape
  • Mat sizes 12" x 12" or 12" x 24"
  • No computer necessary
  • Change settings such as language and units of measurement
  • New LCD screen that shows exactly what you're typing for your next cut
Lil' Bugger is a Create:
Cricut® Create
The Cricut® Create™ Personal Electronic Cutter combines the portability of the original Cricut® machine with the functionality of the Cricut® Expression™ machine. The Cricut® Create™ machine is the same size as the original Cricut® machine, yet it allows cuts from 0.25" up to 11.5" on a 6" x 12" cutting mat. The machine also includes an eight-way directional blade, Portrait mode (to cut taller images), Fit to Page mode (to cut the largest cut possible), Auto Fill mode (to mass produce cuts), Center Point function, and Flip function. An improved display screen and sleek design add greater style and convenience.

Ol' Bugger is a Personal:
The Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter™ machine, released as the first machine, redefined home crafting and paper crafts. Simply by touching a button, Cricut® can cut beautiful designs and alphabets for card making, scrapbooking, and paper crafting.

Cricut® Personal
The Personal is very basic in what it can do, in comparisons to the newer and larger machines now being released.  Options are limited on the Personal.

No computer is required, just plug it in.  Place your favourite cartridge in your Cricut® and choose from hundreds of designs in 12 different sizes; ranging from 1" to 5-1/2"!  That's thousands of possibilities!  Cutting customized shapes and alphabets has never been easier.  This Cricut machine weighs only 7 lbs.

Cuttle Bugger is a Cuttlebug:
Cut a shape, emboss a shape, or cut then emboss shapes with the inspired designs available exclusively with Cuttlebug® cutting and embossing dies. Expressing your creativity has never been easier!
  • Cuttlebug accepts the dies you already own.
  • Cuttlebug loves the materials you love, freeing you to cut and emboss from a wide range of crafting materials.
  • Compact fold-n-store profile allows storage in less space than other leading machines.
  • With a built-in pop-up handle, Cuttlebug goes wherever you find inspiration.
Bitty Bugger is a Gypsy:
Gypsy™ is a hand-held, portable Design Studio.  Gypsy™ stores all your Cricut® cartridges, making it easy to search and find just the right shape. Gypsy™ works easily with any Cricut® machine-just connect and cut! Design anywhere with Gypsy™ from Provo Craft.

With Gypsy™ you can design whenever and wherever you want!  The Gypsy™ lets you take your entire Cricut® library with you.  Along with having all your cartridges ready-to-cut on your Gypsy™ you can also design using a whole host of design capabilities allowing you to design at the dentist's office, grocery store, or whenever you've got a free minute and a free hand!

In the near future, I will be posting a bit more detail about what each machine does, different settings for different materials, and of course lots of projects that you can create using just these machines and your own imagination.

Happy buggin'!

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