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Saturday, April 16, 2011

5x7 Stained-Glass Look Easter Card

This is my first attempt at a stained-glass type card (my apologies for such a poor quality photo, I didn't realize it was out of focus until after I uploaded it).  I saw this image online at Share Faith and used it as my base image.
This is the .jpg that I worked from.
As converted and saved in Inkscape.

I converted the image in Photoshop, to separate the layers and lay out all the pieces (there are 49 total!).  I then converted it from a .jpg to an .svg in Inkscape and imported it into SCAL to cut the images and save as an .scut file.

I will be honest with you, it was a bit tedious to put together.  I'm hoping that it was just because it was my first attempt.  In the future, I will be sure to lay out the pieces before gluing them onto my cardstock base.  And as well, I will be sure to leave the pieces attached to my mat until they're ready to be used, instead of taking off all of the pieces and working from a big pile of cuts. 

I printed a nice little sentiment on the bottom of the front piece.  It says "For I remember it is Easter morn, and life and love and peace are all new born." ~Alice Freeman Palmer.  I also printed "Happy Easter" on the inside, just using Word and my regular HP printer and glued it to the inside.  I think it might need some shading or some sort of an embellishment, but I'm not great at doing shading and was afraid of ruining it.  What are your thoughts?

If you're interested in the .svg or the .scut file that I created and used for this project, feel free to email me.  I'm having a hard time sharing those type of files online.

What are YOU crafting today?

Happy buggin'!

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